Pierre Drolet Sci-Fi Museum

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As a CGI Artist, I usually store my work on a hard drive but not all of them. Some of the 3D models are kept in a special place and I would like to share this place with you. Welcome to Area 5100!

Long story short, I have been asked to design a small Klingon attack ship "Bird of prey style" for the movie Star Trek Into Darkness. The design concept has been rejected by the JJ Abram art department before I could finished it. A lot of Star Trek fans who saw the unfinished version of the Klingon BOP on my website, ask me if I will complete it. So, here we go! I just took a few days to make it look close to final, and this is my vision of the redesign Klingon ship. (More of this Klingon Bop under Star Trek world).